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Holograms instead of cardboard mockups: a new solution invented for developers in Rostov
Architecture holograms, virtual assistants, and 3D tours of residential complexes: Goodini, a company from Rostov, has become a resident of Skolkovo with a real estate visualization project. Currently, the company's sales geography covers Rostov, Moscow, and Sochi. To scale faster, the company is seeking investors.
Goodini has found an alternative to cardboard and wooden models by offering developers to switch to architecture holograms - virtual 3D models of residential complexes. The company recreates an interactive volumetric image that allows for a detailed study of the surroundings of the under-construction residential complex and a glimpse into each apartment. Holograms are demonstrated on special stands with a touch panel and a screen. The structures are installed in sales departments of construction companies or at professional exhibitions.

For a client looking for an apartment, the hologram provides an opportunity to study the territory of the residential complex, the urban infrastructure around it, and the layouts of the apartments. First, the device shows an interactive city map with the residential complex, universities, hospitals, cafes, shops, and pharmacies marked on it. Then the buyer explores the territory of the residential complex and chooses the preferred buildings, looks at the floor plans and apartments. The 3D tour even allows to assess the view from the window: the program integrates photos taken on-site. Familiarity with the building on such a device resembles the game Sims: the program includes an interior configurator that allows changing the design and rearranging furniture in the chosen apartment.

"This is a tool for sales managers who present properties and advise clients. Experience shows that when using holograms, the presentation and conversation with the client increase from 5 to 25 minutes because the buyer immerses themselves in the interactive experience. They want to examine the landscaping of the territory, the layouts, and the view from the window. A model cannot provide such an experience," says Aram Petrosyan, the founder of Goodini and a seasoned entrepreneur.
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Report from the conference CIIR in Nizhny Novgorod
The future of visualization for developers: Skolkovo resident presents hologram of a construction project in Dubai
Goodini, a resident of Skolkovo (part of VEB.RF Group), has installed the first architectural hologram in Dubai, UAE. The startup's solution allows for a detailed view of the under-construction residential complex, Samana Manhattan, in 3D without the need for virtual or augmented reality glasses. The architectural hologram takes the visualization of the future project to a new level. Interactive walks, demonstrations of the architecture, residential layouts, and interiors enable potential buyers to evaluate the details and atmosphere of the complex during the construction phase.
The collaboration with Samana Development and the choice in favor of the architectural hologram highlight the innovative nature and demand for Goodini's technology in the real estate field.
Aram Petrosyan, CEO of Goodini, states: "We are proud that the architectural hologram has brought a new level of interaction between developers and their clients. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we are confident that similar technologies will change the paradigm in the real estate industry worldwide."
Yuri Khakhanov, Head of the Science-Intensive Technologies and Innovation Economics for the Urban Environment Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies at Skolkovo Foundation, says: "New real estate visualization technologies are a global trend that allows developers to present their properties to buyers in a more informative way. In recent years, VR technologies have gained the most popularity, allowing for 3D walks in a helmet around a construction site and/or apartment. Creating full-fledged digital twins based on holograms will eliminate the need for additional items such as 3D glasses or a helmet and provide a comprehensive view of the new home. Projects for the real estate sector that have received recognition in Dubai have excellent chances of scaling worldwide."
Skolkovo resident creates stands with holographic projections for TEN Development company
Using the unique Goodini technology, three projects by TEN Development were showcased at the 100+ TechnoBuild exhibition: the residential system "Ekopolis" in Khabarovsk, the concept project "Ekaterininsky Park," and the residential complex "Osnovinskiye Kvartaly" in Yekaterinburg.
The Goodini technology features an architectural hologram without the need for VR glasses, allowing for the viewing of real estate properties, from interactive maps and 3D building models to specific apartments and views from the windows. The technical capabilities enable integration with CRM sales systems, making presentations and sales of real estate properties easier. The holograms are also equipped with digital assistant consultants who provide information about the developer's projects, location advantages, architectural features, and other details in an engaging format.

The stands attracted significant interest from visitors at the 100+ TechnoBuild Forum exhibition, and the technology's capabilities were highly appreciated by industry professionals. After the exhibition, the constructions will be used directly in the sales offices of TEN Development in Yekaterinburg and Khabarovsk. They will be complemented with interactive presentations of all other real estate projects by the company. TEN Development became the first developer in the Sverdlovsk region to implement hologram technology without the use of VR glasses in their sales departments.
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