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from 6 months
Anastasia Yevgenyevna Sereda
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Record-breaking short payback period
Innovative product for developers, unparalleled in the world
Exclusive for the city, the future of the country
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About the Company and Business
GOODINI is an innovative startup that has revolutionized the perception of real estate presentation. The company's flagship product is the "Architectural Hologram" - a unique development that has no equivalents in the world. The product is interactive equipment that allows real estate properties to be showcased in hologram format, without the need for VR/AR glasses.

We are actively developing the product, increasing its effectiveness as a sales and visualization tool. Currently, the "Architectural Hologram" has more than 30 features that ensure customer engagement at least 5 times higher than alternative presentation methods.

We have all been inspired by movies depicting the future, where people use holograms and robots. Our company brings these fantasies closer to reality by incorporating our innovations into everyday life.

With our product, you can not only view building visualizations but also see the project in different seasons, at different times of the day, create your own interior design for any apartment, and even utilize the holographic assistant function that answers your voice questions about the project and visually displays the answers!

GOODINI is already well-known among developers, and our clients include major companies from different regions of Russia and the UAE.

At present, we have enhanced our product and are ready for active scaling.
Franchise in numbers
Franchise Description
The GOODINI franchise offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter a fast-growing, distinctive company that has proven demand for its product and demonstrates active growth. Currently, our company is opening its doors to partners and providing a unique opportunity to participate in scaling while earning together with us. This is not just a chance to earn significant profits from a unique product but also to engage in an inspiring business that will result in numerous positive customer reviews.

"Architectural Holograms" is just the first step in our innovation implementation. We are preparing to release new products that will further revolutionize the game in terms of selling new properties. We offer a comprehensive package of services to help you start a successful business, including training, support, and marketing materials.
The GOODINI franchise is not just an investment in the future but also an opportunity to be involved in the establishment and development of an outstanding company that will soon be known worldwide. You can choose a typical business that has thousands of competitors, or you can "dive into the blue ocean" with us and engage in selling a product that sells itself due to its effectiveness and impact on the client's business.
GOODINI Franchise
How will you make money?
Your income will be generated through the sale of equipment, software, and visualization services. You don't need to worry about repeat sales - we don't have a single customer who made a one-time purchase. Once clients purchase and implement our product, they won't be able to use other visualization methods. It's like buying an iPhone after a button phone - life will never be the same!
Investment for starting a business
Advantages of the franchise
A powerful back-office continuously developing the product, ensuring continuous growth in product efficiency and innovation that will be sought after by all companies.
A unique product that is not only prestigious but also addresses the significant pain points of developers in terms of real estate presentation methods.
An interesting, innovative, and easily understandable business that will bring a tremendous amount of positive emotions to the franchise owner, their team, and clients.
In-house software with various pricing plans for customer convenience.
The opportunity to establish new connections not only with owners of major companies but also with administrative resources. Our product has already been used by prominent officials such as Mikhail Mishustin and Sergey Sobyanin.
Repeat purchases will be ensured due to the uniqueness of the product. Once a client purchases our product, they will be unable to do without us and will return for every new project.
A strong company founder who is passionate about the venture and has decided to focus solely on the development of GOODINI.
Development and implementation of new business models by the management company, ensuring an expansion of potential clients and maximization of profits.
PR support at the federal level
The company is a Skolkovo resident, a prestigious innovation center in Russia.
Intellectual property protection: Having patents for the software and production technology guarantees protection against copying and unauthorized use of your intellectual property, providing a long-term advantage over competitors.
Limited staff requirement, typically 2-3 employees per partner office.
Fast payback period of as little as 6 months.
Franchise Package
  1. Registered trademark for GOODINI.
  2. 24/7 support from technical specialists, development managers, designers, etc.
  3. Exclusive rights for the city! You will be the sole representative of our product.
  4. Territory analysis and provision of potential client contacts.
  5. Assistance in conducting negotiations with developers.
  6. Visualization of sales office in the corporate style.
  7. Access to the partner chat.
  8. Support at every stage of collaboration.
  9. Fast launch - within 1 month.
  10. Ready-to-use business concept with established processes and standards.
  11. Recognizable brand that can attract even more customers.
  12. A product that sells itself.
  13. Regulation and control of equipment commissioning by technical specialists.
  14. Regular partner parties featuring demonstrations of new products.
  15. Own blog, media publications, TV channels, media coverage.
Information about opening a branch will be published on our blog and in the media.
Participation in events organized by the Unified Register of Developers (ЕРЗ).
Lead generation is provided by the management company.
Marketing support and materials.
Support and guidance from the management company before and after launch.
Assistance in hiring and training staff.
Opportunity to leverage successful marketing strategies from the management company's knowledge base.
Training and technical support
Photos and videos
Compliance with franchise standards and requirements.
Training of staff.
Participation in marketing activities.
Availability of own or leased premises.
Availability of financial resources for startup.
Launch stages
We get acquainted with you via Zoom or in a personal meeting.
We sign the commercial concession agreement and the supply agreement.
We provide training to the franchise owner on business management and conducting face-to-face negotiations, and to the staff on sales.
You show interest in opening a GOODINI franchise.
We conduct negotiations.
We help attract the first customers.
We organize the logistics of the equipment.
We add information about your office to our website.
You pay the initial fee and for the equipment.
You search for an office space, handle renovations.
Questions & Answers
Yes, you have the opportunity to become our franchisee even if you have no prior experience in this field. We conduct personal meetings with potential partners where we provide training on the product and sales methods, as well as negotiation techniques. If our values and approach align with yours and you show genuine interest in developing in this area, we would be delighted to have you join our team.
The minimum team consists of 2 managers.
Leave an inquiry, and a company representative will contact you, answer your questions, and provide you with a financial model and a commercial proposal.
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